Seed Sowing

This year (2020) marks a new initiative for us: the sowing (and wintersowing) of dozens of new perennials that we hope to get established for propagation and eventual seed harvesting.   The seeds have come from a variety of sources, including seed companies, “the wild,” and my own yard.  Below are the seed source codes:

BUR – Burpee Seeds, PA

CAN – from the wild in Prince Edward Island and Alberta, Canada

IVY – Ivy Garth Seeds, OH

JEL – Jelitto Seeds, Germany

JG – My own yard in Valley Cottage, NY

NSS – Native Seed/Search, AZ

PINE – Pinelands Nursery, NJ

SMED – Strictly Medicinal, CA

WSP – Wild Seed Project, MN

Most of the above, with the exception of the Jelitto, will be sown in sealed, vented containers outdoors beginning in late December and early January.  This wintersowing technique allows the seed to be exposed to extremes of temperature and moisture, as well as natural light cycles.  These extremes work to break the germination inhibitors in many perennial seeds, and the seeds sprout in the spring when the time is right.  The containers protect them from trampling, flooding and hungry animals.  Here’s the list of the seeds being started in early 2020:

Acer palmatum (JG) (Japanese red maple) WS container 1/16

Aconitum uncinatum (WSP) (wild Monkshood) shade jug 2/8

Actaea racemosa  (Bugbane) (WSP) sown in shoebox 1/8

Agastache (Purple mint) (JG) sown in shoebox 1/10 germinated 3/21


Ageratina altissima (Snakeroot) (WSP) sown in shoebox 1/10 also in field 1/16 germinated 3/21


Allium cer (WSP)

Anaphal.marg. (WSP)


Anemone virg. (WSP) sown in shoebox 1/10

Antennaria plant (Pussytoes)(WSP) Sown in shoebox 1/8

Asclepias incarnata (Swamp milkweed) (white) (JG) – rhubarb plot 1/16 and in bucket 1/17


Asclepias incarnata(Swamp milkweed) (pointy) (JG)


Asclepias tuberosa (BUR) (Butterfly weed) Sown in shoebox 1/1 and NSE in rhubarb plot 1/16


Asclepias syr (JG) (Common milkweed) sown in shoebox 1/1

Asters NE (purple) (JG)

Baptisia alba  (White false indigo) (JG) sown in shoebox 1/10

Baptisia australis  (False indigo) (JG) rhubarb plot 1/16

Baptisia Lunar Eclipse  (False indigo, ‘Lunar Eclipse’ ) seed collected from cultivar, most likely will not follow parent (JG)


Ceonothus virg. (New Jersey tea)  (WSP)

Chamaepericlymenum canadense (Bunchberry) WSP shade jug 2/8

Chasmanthium Lat. (JG) rhubarb plot sown 1/16

Clematis virg. (WSP)

Coleus (BUR) indoor tray 2/9 transpanted 3/18

Coreopsis Early Sunrise (BUR) sown in shoebox 1/10

Coreopsis rosea (JG & IVY)

Coreopsis ‘Sunfire’ JG – rhubarb plot sown 1/17

Dodecatheon ‘Shooting Star’ (WSP)


Echinacea (orange)(Orange coneflower)  (JG)

Echinacea (short) (JG) – (Short Coneflower)  sown in shoebox 1/8


Echinacea (tall) (JG) (Tall coneflower)

Echinacea purpurea (PINE & IVY) ( Purple coneflower) sown in shoebox 1/1

Gaultheria procumbens ‘Redwood’ (JEL-gold nugget) indoor tray 2/8 irregular 20% germination as of 2/28

Gentiana claus (WSP) sown in shoebox 1/10

Geranium maculatum (WSP)

Helenium mix (JG) sown in shoebox 1/1 germination 3/21

Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’ (JEL) 2/9 germinated 2/25

Hibiscus (dinner plate) (JG) sown in shoebox 1/8

Hordeum jub.  (Fox barley) (CAN)

Iris siberica (JG)

Juncus eff. spiral. (IVY) sown in shoebox 1/10

Leucanthemum (CAN) (Shasta daisy) sown in shoebox 1/1 and in bucket 1/17 germinated 3/21

Liatris (JG) (Gayfeathers) shoebox 1/15

Lobelia cardinalis (JG) (Cardinal flower)  sown in shoebox 1/1 germinated 3/21


Lobelia sip (WSP) (Blue lobelia) sown in shoebox 1/10

Lobelia sip ‘Alba’ (White lobelia) JEL indoor tray 2/9 germ 2/25

Lupine , sundial (WSP) shoebox 1/15


Lupine, wild (JC) rhubarb plot, 1/16

Lupine, Canadian (CAN) sown in shoebox 1/1. germinated 3/20


Malva sylv. (Strictly Medicinal) sown in rhubarb plot 1/17

Meadowsweet (JG) shoebox 1/15

Monarda fistulosa (WSP) sown in shoebox 1/10


Pennisetum (JG & IVY) rhubarb plot 1/15

Penstemon digitalis (JG)

Penstemon ‘Huskers Red’ (IVY) sown in shoebox 1/1

Penstemon, Palmer’s (NSS) sown in shoebox 1/10

Penstemon parryi (NSS) sown in shoebox 1/10

Phlox, PEI (CAN)

Polemonium (WSP)

Pycanthemum  ten.(JG) (Mountain mint)


Sisyrinchium (WSP) (Blue-eyed grass)

Solidago caesia (JG) (Goldenrod)  sown in shoebox 1/8 germinated 3/21


Solidago puber. (WSP) (Hairy goldenrod) sown in shoebox 1/1

Verbena hastata (WSP) shoebox 1/15


Veronicastrum (JG) (Culver’s  root) sown in shoebox 1/8

Vernonia noveboracensis (JG) (NY ironweed) sown in shoebox 1/8


Zizia aurea (JG) sown in showbox 1/10


Please check back throughout the year for updates on germination and other success milestones!