Cottage Creek Gardens is a small home-based nursery, currently establishing and propagating plants for a sales launch in spring of 2018.  We’ll be selling herbaceous perennials, small trees, shrubs, and seedlings.  We plan to specialize in plants that address specific needs or challenges common to home gardeners.  Whether you need a plant that’s deer resistant, shade tolerant, pollinator friendly, or a food crop for your home vegetable garden, we can help you find that plant and grow it successfully.  We also specialize in native plants, and setting up automatic watering systems for container gardens.

The menu in the right hand corner will lead you to lists of plants that we currently have, or hope to have available soon.   In the “Perennials,” “Trees and Shrubs,” “Edibles,” and “Ornamental Grasses” sections, numbers beside the plant indicate the number of plants of that type that we have in stock, available today.

We’ll be at 366 N. Highland Avenue (Rt. 9w) in Upper Nyack, NY during the weekends beginning in April, but please call anytime and make an appointment to visit.

Duncan & Jennifer